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Be gone Monsters, Ghosts, Goblins AND Kids.... ooops did I say that?

Our GO AWAY Spray is perfect for your kid/s! With the custom Essential Oil Blend by the talented Helen at Into the Moon, it is a perfect combination of Mandarin and Chamomile and I have been told it smells like both Orange Frujus and Lollies!

The idea behind the spray is that kids believe it helps to get rid of all the scary things that come out when it is dark or hide in the wardrobe... BUT, and this is the best part - it is made using Mandarin and Chamomile Essential Oils which can help to promote a calm and relaxing sleep. 

The GO AWAY Spray comes in a 100ml bottle which lasts yonks as you only need a few wee sprays each night! These sprays are in stock and ready to ship.

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