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Mini Magic Stones Set

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Mini Magic Stones Set
Our NEW Magic Stones Sets are lovingly made with genuine crystals sourced from a New Zealand company who imports only the best!

Housed in a 4x mini 2.5cm high glass bottles with cork stoppers, these aren't only gorgeous to look at for boys, girls and adults alike but also have their own special extras!

- Brings peace
- Provides spiritual insight
- Aids restful sleep
- Eases stress
- Assists meditation / visualization

Rose Quartz:
- Encourages self-love
- Heals emotional body
- Eases heartache
- Relieves loneliness
- Releases repressed hurts
- Promotes forgiveness
- Offers inner peace

- Discerning tool
- Energy balancer
- Encourages wellbeing

- Promotes peace
- Counteracts doubts and negative thoughts
- Protection
- Healing
- Courage

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