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Yummeez Flavored Teether

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The Yummeez Flavored Teether is the best Teether for babies! A breakthrough in the teething industry, it is the world’s first and only truly flavored teether that brings much needed relief for lil’ ones. 

Babies LOVE a great flavor! Designed by a mum, Yummeez is creatively shaped with added texture to ensure effective front, back, and side teething satisfaction!


  • Our fruitilicious technology - Cherry Berry taste brings much needed added flavor! Your baby will love this!
  • Made with 100% all natural ingredients, no artificial sweeteners

Premium Benefits

  • Tasty teething comfort
  • stimulate sensing
  • encourages healthy teething!

Easy to Use

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Grip


  • FDA approved, CPSC compliant
  • Choke-free design
  • BPA free

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